Welcome Educators, Teachers, Parents, All!

My hope is that this blog will become a forum for discussion of the things that matter, at least the things that matter to me. I hope that it will be a place for teachers to talk about the important stuff happening to them and within their classrooms. I believe that teachers are an important feature in the landscape of children’s lives. We have the capacity and the obligation to inspire, protest, encourage and embolden those around us – our peers, our students our society. I believe that learning and in particular literacy learning happens within the context of one’ identity, community and language. This is an exercise an adventure in constructing my own digital identity.

I am a blogger. This is my new identity. I feel alone in a new community context. I will use the language that I have within my meatspace community but it will be understood differently by the blogging community. I will make mistakes. I hate mistakes. I like to be right. I have always enjoyed knowing the answer, more than the finding of it. I want to have my destination mapped out. I do not know the landscape here and I am not sure how to be ‘a blogger’. I have visited only a few blogs, most notably Kurt’s my cousin-in-law. He is funnier than I will be. He is insightful about his experiences and descriptive in his retelling of them Who will I be?

My posts over the next couple of months will be reflections on and compositions for my Master’s project. I am studying new literacies of which blogs are one. I hope to find myself a niche within the digital landscape. I hope to bring other teachers along for the ride. I hope they will write to me about their experiences and share with me their knowledge. I hope that we can share about the ideas which ground our teaching.



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2 responses to “Welcome Educators, Teachers, Parents, All!

  1. You’re off to a great start. I find your writing to be very thoughtful. Good luck with your project.

  2. Mom F

    Hey, it’s good to have another blogger in the family. I like the accuracy of your description of yourself and your family.

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