Learning the Code

The blogging adventure continues to pop up with surprises. There is an unending supply of tools for searching, writing and investigating on the internet. I cannot believe how much more can be done than I had first envisioned. I thought that blogging was a simple task. It is, if you simply want to record your thoughts and publish them for others to read, but if you want to start to make your work more interesting, more powerful, more diverse: welcome to a bottomless pit.

I was tipped off to Ian Delaney’s page today via Stephen Downes. Ian had indicated a number of ways to use your computer in more integrated and productive ways. Following his advice, I worked on a netvibes page for myself today. I haven’t been using Google.docs or Google calendar or an online to do list. I wonder if it will make me more efficient or less efficient. I like my paper planner. I have a variety of lists there – groceries, study work, family plans, meal plans. It works. It is battery-free and never crashes. I like the ability to channel a pile of RSS feeds to a single place. I can read The Guardian, get CBC and BBC. I can tap into tech feeds. I had just begun to use my blog to channel information more efficiently. I can see that this may be faster and simpler. Now I need to find the RSS codes for some of my favourite edutech blogs.

A number of days ago a colleague mentioned that she would take on new technologies if only someone would be able to guide her through the process. She didn’t feel she had the time to learn how the new tools worked. I hope to be able to provide that kinds of support when I am back in the real world at school with teachers and students. How much do I need to know? How much will teachers want to experiment with?


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  1. We’d be interested to see what you think of Excite MIX too – the start page has been kept as simple as possible for ease of use.

    Let us know if you have any feedback!


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