5 Things Meme

Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis alerted me to this meme and although I haven’t been in the ‘sphere’ for long, I thought I’d participate.

1) As you might note in my Introductory text box in my sidebar I am a ‘liminal Christian’. You may be wondering what that means. Liminal means ‘at the edges’. I am a Christian with all kinds of serious doubts. I have had very limited first hand experience of a God-being and I can’t really conclude much from these beyond my own state of mind. I believe in a Creator being, whether that Being really cares for me I am not sure of. I wonder at our anthropomorphising of God and question this view’s validity. I believe that the myth stories of Christ have great meaning for me and for many, and I am teaching them to my children. I believe in the necessity of ‘stories to live by’ and grand stories at that.

2) I am an amateur musician. I sing, play piano, flute, guitar and recorder. I hear from my community that I am fairly good at it. I studied music formally some and have played most of my life. I find it hard to work in practice time with my studies and young family. My children have complained about my practicing. I’m not sure they are that keen on high soprano particularly in the operatic or chamber music vein.

3) I am a mom. I love my kids and I have learned so much from them. My son and I are very similar in temperment and that makes for a strong learning situation. We both need to have balanced sugar levels and lots of sleep to be civil.

4) I don’t like coffee at all and only like tea occasionally. I was told early in my teaching career that I would be a coffee drinker if I were to remain a teacher. I’m still here and the coffee is still not! I love chocolate but I can pass on coffee, although it smells delicious.

5) I love the backcountry. My husband and I love to tent, hike and canoe. There is something refreshing about the silence and the space. I hope that there will always be space on the earth somewhere for silence. Living in Canada gives us more access to that kind of peaceful space than there is almost anywhere else.

I’ll join with Vicki in encouraging Darren Kuropatwa to partcipate. Maybe Doug Noon, Doug Johnson, Kathy Cassidy and Dean Shareski would be interested. I’m taking a leap here. You are all bloggers I have only just been introduced to and I really appreciate your work.



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7 responses to “5 Things Meme

  1. Thanks for participating! It is interesting to look at your thoughts. Remember the Lord tells us it only takes the faith of a mustard seed but there must be at least that much. Try God and see. The simple fact that you are living and breathing and have beautiful wonderful children — that is something!

    Good luck with your blogging!

  2. Thanks for coming by Vicki. Have not fear, I ‘Try God’ all the time and I agree that living and breathing is something, not evidence, but something very special indeed.


  3. Good luck with all of your efforts, you have a lovely blog.

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  6. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Dean recently tagged me and I just haven’t found anyone who hasn’t been tagged. I rarely comment about faith on blogs but I am a believer. My reason, I have 7 wonderful and beautiful children and have seen God work great things during my lifetime. The miracle of life has convinced me that there is a God.
    I will be interested to see what your find with the different literacies. Keep on posting.

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