Reading, Reading, Reading and not a thing to Write

Perhaps I took too  much time off from the writing process.  I feel overwhelmed by the posts that I could respond to and the good ideas which are circulating on the blogs I frequent.  I’m wondering if less is more when it comes to blog feeds.  Each time I come across someone new, I wonder if I should add them or exchange them for someone else I read regularly.  It’s hard to decide.

I will do a post here a la Stephen Downes, a bit of a reference and a comment or two.  Stephen is one of ‘my star bloggers’, he tells me aobut what is out there and sends me looking.  Thanks for the work you do Stephen and for posting a link to me in your blog once.  Your link to my site, taught me how it works here in the ‘sphere’.

Christopher Sessums points to some of the issues I’ve also been thinking about in his post summerizing an essay on 21st Century Skills.  It is easy to get caught up in ‘the basics’ movement.  This essay and Chris’ post remind me that the ‘basics’ may not be giving our students very much with which to tackle their future lives. It isn’t simply their work lives which will need a different set of skills:  it is their whole lives.  As teachers, if we teach the old ‘basics’, we are not in fact giving students the education that they will need to take part in society – work, social contacts, entertainment. It isn’t just reading and writing and a little calculation which will allow full participation in the 21st C community.  I hope that when I return to the classroom, I will be able to ask good questions and take part in the debates which the social ‘web’ brings to our doorstep.

David Warlick asks some of those good questions in his post called ‘The Collision’.  Security, participation, ethical judgement.  Now as ever people are faced with making good choices when they use technology.  Only now, the stakes are higher.  So much damage can be done and it seems invisible.  The question of online invisibility is an interesting one.  It is so easy to feel, well, like a teenager – invincible, heroic, daring.  Online crooks appear to be hard to catch.  How much of what is done on the internet is traceable?  My understanding is quite a bit. So how is that some people seem to be able to post items and be anonymous.  I wish I had a better understanding of the risks.


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