Blog stats, internet safety and other meanderings

I’m fighting the need to say something important and witty versus actual reflection on my latest experiences. I know I have to stay true to myself or risk being inauthentic but I have had traffic to my blog and I hate to lose it. Is this a deep-seeded yearning to be a popular girl, unlike the rest of my experience in life on the social fringes, or something else. I’m hoping on something else, something more like the joy of interesting conversation and genuine connection with my fellow human being. Ah the risks of looking at your stats!

I’ve been caught up in my regular life and blogging took a back seat to a trip to Winnipeg to visit my in-laws (hi mom) and doing my other homework for university. The most interesting part of which is trying to understand the legal ramifications of doing online work with students. I have been surprised by COPA (Child Online Protection Act) and DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act). I think that’s the appropriate abbreviations. Can you tell I don’t live in the USA!? I hadn’t heard of these interesting pieces of legislation. It’s much easier to find out about the legal work happening in the USA. I don’t know anything, as yet, about the situation legally at home. Curious. Do we have legislation about children and the internet? I’ll let you know or better yet, you can let me know!

In addition, I’m helping my husband set up blogs for two of his classrooms. I’ve learned a few new things . WordPress let’s you have any number of blogs linked to the same email address. I am very pleased with this discovery as it allows each of my husband’s classes their own homes. I’m pleased with the ease of setting up shop in the new frontier of web 2.0. I can’t wait to get the students started.

We have administrative approval and are working on the parental permission and other administrative details to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”. I guess we have been careful in our first venture but I thought it wise to be cautious and hopefully successful rather than implusive and disasterous.

I’m still working out what is an appropriate level of risk versus participation in these new venues. I ran across a wonderful analogy between teaching children to swim and teaching children to navigate the internet. After all we don’t just ban chilren from the water and never go swimming, we teach them to swim, first in protected waters under supervision and then in deeper pools and slowly we release them to their own reconnaisance as they prove that they have established their skills. So too with the internet, I’m just wondering what ‘protected and supervised’ should look like.

Argh, this post is linkless. Poor form but it’s late enough for today, perhaps I can link it up tomorrow!



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4 responses to “Blog stats, internet safety and other meanderings

  1. I got some good tips from you! Thank you! I am going to try out WordPress – I have not heard of it. I am also taking Univ classes and the grad class which I am presently taking is Integrating tech into instruction. It has been great; some things I knew and some I did not. It has been a great journey, especially delving into the blogosphere. I’m also going to check out COPA. I think I have heard of it before, but I’ve never taken the time to read.

    Thanks again,

  2. Susan,

    Thought that I would back track to you here as I couldn’t find an email for you and I apologize for the delay in a response… Things got a bit hectic over the last few weeks.

    OK, on the side of anonomity, I am rather new in the blogosphere but, I have a different blog called Digital Cents that I tied more fully back to my positon and district but I really felt constrained when posting there… hence vanishingpoint. While I cannot call myself a complete authority, I am the Technology Coordinator for a large high school district in Illinois. I had 11 years in business management / technology consulting prior to becoming a teacher. After a second BS, and an MA in ED, I taught HS Social Studies for 4 years, and then two years ago moved into the technology cordinator role. When all of the MySpace issues hit over a year ago, I was part of a district wide group that began a school/parent research agenda on the challenges of social networking, culminating in presentations to parents and my entire student population. Additioanlly, I recently consulted with a district in MN on their Internet Safety initiative. If you are interested in the material we developed or a more indepth discussion on this topic or others, please feel free to email.


  3. whisperwow

    I think that discussion of these issues is vital to educating teens and young adults about the dangers AND the incredible opportunities that exist with social media. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand the amazing impact that social media has had on society and that the MySpacers and corporate America (who will redirect a large amount of their advertising dollars and marketing resources to the web) will greatly change every aspect of a person’s life. Social media is the body language of the Internet. I have launched a new website called to discuss these issues. You are more than welcome to post your comments there and if you support the SAVE YOUR SPACE petition, please sign that too.

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