Heroes, aspirations and sleep

I should be on my way to bed but I have to write about some of what I read on my feeds today or by tomorrow’s news will overwhelm todays and I will have missed recording these interesting bits.

Joyce Valenza – one of the heros – was writing on powerpoint, copyright and copyleft today. I was intriged with some of her thoughts but it was one of the people she introduced me to that has my mind whirling. She mentioned the work of Lawrence Lessig – hero number two – forgive me I had never heard of him. I don’t always read the links in the blogs I read but I have been working on some powerpoints lately and she mentioned the ‘zen’ quality of this one. I am amazed by the simplicity, the power, the intellect shown in this piece of work. I was inspired. I wanted to get to work on my presentation. I haven’t got to that yet, it won’t be on today’s agenda but I will be aspiring to this quality of work.

It reminds me of something Madeline L’Engle once said about her own experiences. As a young girl, she used to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After an afternoon viewing the Master’s, she’d want to run home and paint. She wondered if that bespoke of arrogance and on reflection concluded that the act of viewing something beautiful impels the viewer to produce something of beauty.

And so I feel today inspired, impelled to produce something beautiful, striking, compelling. Hmm. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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3 responses to “Heroes, aspirations and sleep

  1. andrea wallin

    I was also inspired and somewhat awestruck by Lessig’s presentation…he has taken a fairly dry topic (for me anyway) and has sparked an inner fire, now yearning to take on capital hill!
    Thanks for recommending this Susan and Joyce!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Andrea. I’m glad you enjoyed the presenation.

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