In My Language

Maybe you have had the chance to see this video. I believe I was introduced to it via Stephen Downes pointing to Christopher at think:lab.

It is an incredible testament to the nature of intelligence. Even as I accept this woman and her ways of interacting with the world, and would defend her right to experience and be in the world in the way that she is and has been made; I still believe in the need for a standard communication. She is articulate and creative – but not in any way standard when she uses her own language. Would she think that a standard language is important. Is the need for standard my bias against her language?

When we teach non-hearing people to talk, we are engaged in the same process. I do not deny that sign is a powerful mode of communication but it does prevent the individual from being able to communicate with the wider community.

How would this woman communicate to us the depth of her thought and intelligence if she did not communicate through the keyboard as well as through sound and music?

We try to treat people with mental illnesses – depression, schizophrenia. Is this a failure to understand a different way of being in the world or is it an attempt to bring people back to a fuller particpation in the world and further up the continuum of wholeness?

Thought provoking stuff.


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