Judging Importance

“The final result is that technology aids our thoughts and civilized lives, but it also provides a mind-set that artificially elevates some aspects of life and ignores others, not based upont their real importance but rather by the arbitrary condition of whether they can be measured scientifically and objectively by today’s tools.  Consequently, science and technology tend to deal solely with the products of their measurements, they divorce themselves from the real world.  The danger is that things that cannot be measured play no role in scientific work and are judged to be of little importance.  Science and tecnology do what they can do and ignore the rest.  They are superb at what they do, but waht is left out can be of equal or greater importance.”  Donald Norman

I loved this quote which I found on Doug Johnson‘s webpage.   I had to record it here so that I could find it again.  I don’t know who Donald Norman is but I need to find out.  I’m looking for the right words for a presentation and thought Doug’s quote page might give me a hand.  I’ve enjoyed the read and the re-read but I can’t say I’m much further ahead.

I’m really looking for something that talks about the importance of language and knowledge.  Something representative of the librarian community.  I’m still searching.



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4 responses to “Judging Importance

  1. I’ve enjoyed Neil Postman’s thoughts on technology and language. This article might interest you:


  2. Susan,

    You would enjoy Don Norman’s books. I especially like his books Things That Make Us Smart and Design of Everyday Things.

    He is an Apple Fellow who examines human interface design with technology. Very thoughtful and readable.

    All the best,


  3. Doug and Doug,

    Thanks for your recommendations. I have some reading ahead of me. I’ll likely blog about it and let you know where my thinking takes me.


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