School is…

My daughter and son are playing school today. She set all of her stuffies on her bed in a row with one at the front and walked away saying,”Have a good day in school!” and closed the door.

Am I to understand that in her view school is a place where you sit in rows and the teacher talks? That’s school to my preschooler. Pretty quick to learn the rules of the game I’d say. Sit and Listen. I sure hope we can change the rules enough that it comes to mean more than just passive receptivity to her. Not exactly the studio…

I have a course I am taking in Multimedia Design. My exam is coming up shortly. I am frustrated to say that the exam is a multiple choice exam in which we will be asked a fair number of questions which will be answerable if I use Wikipedia well. Interspersed with a few short answer questions and editing tasks. The course work itself has been very interesting and the projects have been meaningful. It is a shame the exam has to happen at all. One of my classmates suggested that it would be better to be given a task to complete using the editing tools in the week prior to the exam. The final product to be uploaded during the exam time. It would definitely do a better job of testing what we know and whether or not we can use what we know than a ‘vomit your knowledge here’ test. Oh well, as my father would say ‘Na jyoh dann’, which is Low German for ‘Well yes then’ but so much more satisfying to say.


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