Boston Marathon

I have to do a little personal flag waving today. My husband just finished running the Boston Marathon. The conditions were terrible. They are in the middle of a fairly nasty spring storm. He finished 3559th overall but it is a rather large race (20 614 starting out). His time was 3 hours 20 minutes and around 50 seconds. He was very impressed with the race organization and has enjoyed being in Boston. I am looking forward to the tales when he returns on Tuesday. This is a little pic from last year’s Saskatoon Run which had similar rainy, windy conditions and way fewer food stations.



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  1. Joanne de Groot

    Hi Susan,

    That’s really cool–congratulations to your husband! I’ve heard on the radio how bad the conditions were on the east coast yesterday–doesn’t sound like it could have been any worse for running!

    I was just listening to your podcast again yesterday–it has been neat to hear your voices talking about the blog and wiki project! I’m trying to figure out how to possibly incorporate a podcast assignment in my summer course, but will have to sort out the logistics soon if I’m going to do it!


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