Personality Types and the Fringe

I’ve always been an odd duck. It was fortunate that I didn’t really look like one. I wonder how many of the teachers in the edublogosphere find that they are on the fringes. I was intriged by this idea in Clarence’s post.

I am wondering about my ‘re-entry’ into the classroom. I have spent this year in the Ivory Tower of academia. I have loved every minute. Setting my own agenda. Planning a day of research and balancing it with my home and children. Writing when I have something to say, reading excessively. Finding out what’s new and choosing which ones to learn more about. I have so many things I want to try in my next classroom or hopefully library!

I have started to connect again with my colleagues at the school through a book club. I had hoped to draw them into the world of wikis. They emphatically declined and I wondered if the things that I have found this year, the exciting new ways of being a classroom will be emphatically declined. It is too early for despair but I am cautious. Afterall, I am an odd-duck. Perenially, out of touch with the latest in pop culture and extremely interested in the latest research and best practice. “Ni jo dann”, as my father would say. “Well yes then”, we’ll see.


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