Children’s Literature – Introduction to the Project

I’m taking a course on Canadian and Aboriginal literature for children and young people this term. My professor and I are going to be using my blog as our key point of information transfer. I have been mulling over the appropriateness of this use of a blog – basic one to one communication. I could be doing my work via email but we are going to stick with the blogging piece of the program. I think it offers a couple of advantages. I can get the word out to the world at large about some wonderful books that I am reading and I can help my professor improve her comfort level with blogs, feed readers and RSS. She wants to go here and needs a good reason. I am hoping that some of my 25 or so regular readers will participate in the discussion at least intermittently but I’m not sure how many links I will have in my posts so it could be a bit of a battle to find an audience. Welcome one and all, let us know if you are listening.


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  1. Debbie Pushor

    Hi everyone, I’m Debbie, Susan’s prof for her Canadian and Aboriginal children’s literature course. As you can see, I’m late into this conversation because, as Susan told you, blogging is new to me and I’m entering the process tentatively and with all kinds of uncertainty. Nevertheless, I am anticipating being a part of a broader conversation about children’s literature and look forward to what we will learn from each other in this expanded/expansive community.

    Thanks, Susan, for challenging my boundaries. Thanks to all readers/responders for journeying with us.

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