Fox walked alone – Barbara Reid

In Fox walked alone, Barbara Reid spins a story to explain how the animals came to Noah’s Ark.  An interesting companion to her Two by Two story which follows the story of the Ark.  Rhyming couplets and engaging art make this story an enjoyable read.  Barbara Reid knows how to vary perspective and add details which catch the reader and draw them into the pictures.  Although the text is fairly simple for young readers there are some well-chosen words which give the text richness.  Rhyming couplets can sound forced but this texts trips along without feeling trite. The story would fit thematically into units on weather, animals, survival, legend, repeated addition.



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2 responses to “Fox walked alone – Barbara Reid

  1. Joanne de Groot

    Hi Susan,

    We just got this book out of the library and have quite enjoyed it–I like Two by Two better, I think, but the kids and I have really liked looking at the fabulous illustrations. Barbara Reid is remarkable as an artist and we have read and loved many of her books. My son particularly liked The Subway Mouse and we read it over and over and over!

    Your next post (or previous one?) about Snow is also timely–we have that one (Alex got it for Christmas) and we have read it a lot. A good choice for a kid who loves to play outside, rain or shine! Today, in Edmonton, it snowed off and on all afternoon (yuck!), so maybe this should be the book we read tonight before bed!

    Hope all is well…this sounds like a really interesting course! I’m gearing up for the Canadian children’s literature course through UofA this summer!

  2. Hi Joanne,

    I’m glad to have had you drop in. Both these titles were on the Sask. Willow Awards list. They are fine books. I don’t envy book critics. I’d like to say I love all the books but it doesn’t seem quite right.

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