Goal Setting – Not usually my department

I got tagged.  I love getting tagged.  It feels like a online hug so I feel compelled to take part in the meme despite the fact that I’m not my family’s goal setter, it is my husband’s job to dream big.  I ask the hard questions.  “How, when, in what order and Are you crazy?”

So here are my goals and here’s where it started.

1)   Publish in a scholarly journal.

2)    Write children’s books – one on images of God, one on my own history and the history of this place I call home.

3)    Become a teacher librarian.

4)   Reduce my environmental footprint and my dissonance with my position as a person of wealth in a world  precariously over-stretched.

5)   Work on my mom-identity and  spend more quality time with my children.

6)    Bring joy to my workplace.  Watch for my own cynicism.

7)    Say positive things about people and mean it.

8)    Paint more, sing more, play more.

9)    Share more easily of my resources.  Need less stuff.

10)    Read things that are worth reading and some fluffy stuff just for the joy of it.

Consider yourself tagged if you read this post.  Let me know if you perpetuate the meme.



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2 responses to “Goal Setting – Not usually my department

  1. Great stuff Susan. We all need to take a look at what brings meaning to our lives. As I try to look beyond, I realize that much of what we do and what we are is tied to “material things”. Like, I’m trying to be a more considerate person of earth. Maybe if we all do our little bit, things will begin to change! Thanks for the great list! Oh, my librarian just retired. There may be an opening coming up – interested?

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the offer. How much time is library, how much time is classroom? I really believe in flexible scheduling in the library, but I understand this doesn’t always happen because of the limited time that teacher librarians get in the library. Eston would be quite the drive. 🙂

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