Trouble with Liveblogging

I tried to live blog today. For some reason when I went to save my post it was lost. I don’t know if it was a server problem or a connection problem or an error on my part. It is frustrating though. I think I would probably just open up in word next time and at least have a digital form or my notes. But I can’t directly copy from Word into WordPress, a small but understandable frustration with the difficulty translating between applications and clearly a problem with being a ‘slave’ to business controlled apps. I am not savvy enough as yet to navigate the world of open source and find a solution to my problem should it exist. But it is something to consider in the educational forum.

I don’t personally want to figure out coding from all the possible angles but on the other hand, I hate being strung up by the limitations of not coding for myself. For instance with my website – which I created with Dreamweaver. I don’t know enough code to add and take away things without doing it from the University where I have access to Dreamweaver software and in fact, I don’t know if I even can get at the code which was created with Dreamweaver from ‘outside’. More reasons to know more. I wish I had a handy-dandy thirteen year old at my disposal. Maybe my son will turn into one of those kind of thirteen year olds. Only 7 years to go!



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2 responses to “Trouble with Liveblogging

  1. I think if you look into one of the apps that posts directly to your blog, it would help. I like the one that Flock has in its browser. Works well and saves a copy so if something does go wrong, you have a copy handy. Also there is writetomyblog that could be something to try. As for coding, I have a little cheat sheet that I use to help me do some of the things that I need to do. Work great and isn’t very big and is on my laptop.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I haven’t had a chance to explore Flock. Do you know if it works with WordPress? As for your coding cheat sheet, could I get a copy? I’m looking at playing around at that some more yet this summer. (In all my spare time 🙂 )

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