A Song within my Heart – David Bouchard and Allan Sapp

This work is a duet of poet and painter.  David Bouchard and Allan Sapp blend sound and image to teach and to share the sotry of the pow-wow and its meaning.  I have often wondered what the singers were saying and this book provides an answer.  This is a proud and defiant work.  If gives an affirmation to the cultural expression and practices of the Plains Cree peoples.  Thematically it ties to:  pow wow, cultural traditions, First Nations, families, relationship.


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One response to “A Song within my Heart – David Bouchard and Allan Sapp

  1. Debbie Pushor

    There is a lot of subtle teaching in this story. For example, the author uses the word “nokum” in the story. As a non-Aboriginal individual, knowing the word “kokum” for grandmother, I asked about the use of “nokum.” I learned that “kokum” is a word which speaks generally to the position or person of a grandmother while “nokum” is a word which specifically names ‘my grandmother’. So much to learn! This book teaches a great deal but does it gently, implicitly, and respectfully.

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