Caribou Song – Tomson Highway

This is the story that I was hoping Snow Tunnel Sisters would be. Joe and Cody live with their parents in northern Manitoba. Energetic and playful brothers sing and dance to bring the caribou. Caribou their family hunt as their source for life. The loving relationship of the boys and their parents warms the story. The illustrations by Brian Deines are radiant. The descriptive language, the strong characters, the tightening of the plot through the change in focalization from the boys tot he parents come together to create fine, heartwarming narrative.

Thematically ties to family, relationship, nature, environment, culture, way of life, First Nations, survival.

Tomson HighwayBrian Deines.



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4 responses to “Caribou Song – Tomson Highway

  1. Debbie Pushor

    What do Through Indian Eyes, The Broken Flute, Oyate say about Tomson Highway’s books? What does CM, Canadian Review of Materials from the University of Manitoba, say about his books? I find it valuable to read the critiques of others to add to my perspectives and the lenses through which I respond to literature. Do you do this as well?

  2. Certainly if I am looking at selecting books for a library reviews are a helpful tool. I haven’t looked at the reviews with regards to Tomson Highway. I would be surprised if they were anything but positive but now I’m curious. Time to check.

  3. Our class read your book, “Caribou Song” and we were wondering if the story is based on a true event?
    The children really enjoyed the story and were full of ideas about if parts of the book were true and could actually happen in real life.

    Could you please email us with your answer.
    Thank you.

    • I love the book Caribou Song and I too wonder if it is based on real events. I am not the author of the book however, just a teacher librarian who loves great books.

      This link might tell you enough about Tomson Highway to decide if the events are based on something true. I believe there is truth told in all good stories.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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