Stitches – Glen Huser

Funny, sweet, meaningful, necessary.  Words that come to mind having read Stitches.  This book ties together very neatly if you’ll excuse the pun.  You get to know the main character, Travis, as he gets to know himself.  He is unusual and isn’t quite sure why he feels so different from his peers and why the class bully finds him such a welcome target.  His best friend, Chantelle and he spend their summers together.  She is also a town misfit by virtue of her disfigured appearance.  Glen Huser paints a picture of their classmates and families.  Each one given enough description to carry their piece of the story.  A finely crafted narrative.  Themes – family, rural life, homosexuality, fitting in, differences, relationships, friendship, junior high.



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10 responses to “Stitches – Glen Huser

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  2. kelly

    you have the worst book ever

  3. jamie

    what on earth were u thinking i fell asleep reading it just kidding i loved it could not put it down

  4. danielle

    hey i dont like ur book it was like not that interestin so like ya

  5. I am curious as to the last three comments made on this post. I suppose you were required to read Stitches in school. I did not write this book, I am not sure from these comments if you think I did. I did write the post about the book. I stand by what I wrote, this is a necessary book and an interesting read. It will not suit everyone and may even make some students uncomfortable. I believe being uncomfortable while reading is a worthwhile experience. Keep reading, keep looking for books which stretch your understanding of the world and yourself. Try to find something to say about it other than, ‘I do or don’t like it”. To like or not like something adds very little to the conversation about a book.

  6. Jenna

    I too believe this book covers very pertinent issues for today’s adolescents. It is brilliantly written and a pleasure to read. I read it in one sitting as I could not bear to put it down without knowing what would happen to Travis. You summed it up perfectly…very NECESSARY!

  7. Jenna, the story does make you want to see it through to the end. Travis makes a compelling protagonist.

  8. bumchee mp

    ths book is the gayest thing alive

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