What if you Mom made raisin buns? – Catherine Hogan Safer

This pattern story by Catherine Safer belongs to the same family of stories as “If you give a mouse a cookie”. It is definitely something that I would hope appeals to children through its exaggeration and repetition. Hilda Rose‘s illustrations are engaging but the story left me a little cold. It is quite possible my children would love this story. We have different taste, my children and I. I can see this being a terrific read aloud or model for writing but in and of itself, for me, it is not a star. I don’t have a child’s sense of humour. I like the little side story of the bugs in the illustrations. The story would suit themes of pattern writing, family and community, friends, consequences, cause and effect, if/then, humour, culture.


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Filed under children's lit, curriculum, library, literacy

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