The Big Storm – Darrell Pelletier

The Big Storm is from a series of books published by Gabriel Dumont Institute in Saskatchewan.   The book is intend for the development of reading skills and not as fine children’s literature.  The book fills an important need for curriculum materials and leveled reading materials which have First Nations or Metis content.  The story is successful for its purposes.



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4 responses to “The Big Storm – Darrell Pelletier

  1. arletta obey / cooby

    i found you!!!!

  2. Damian MacSeain

    Hi Susan, i’m an old friend of Darrell’s from Ontario, where we taught together 15 yrs ago. We’ve been in touch on and off thru the years, last time was maybe 3 yrs ago. Any idea how i can reach him? I’m coming to SK for first time this summer and would like to connect. any help is appreciated, Damian

    • Susan

      Hi Damian,

      Sorry I can’t help you but I don’t know where he is at. You might be able to contact him through his publisher, Gabriel Dumont Institute. Best wishes.

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