The Curse of the Shaman – Michael Kusugak

The Curse of the Shaman is the story of Wolverine and his family.  They are Inuit people in the days before European contact.  The story is one of adventure, survival and family relationships.  The characters are funny and realistic.  The setting and actions ring with authenticity.  There is a respect for the culture and peoples represented.  The story mixes legend, history and romance.  It is a wonderful peek at a culture and society.  Thematically links to family, culture, Inuit peoples, the North, legends, history, adventure, survival, relationship.  Michael Kusugak.



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2 responses to “The Curse of the Shaman – Michael Kusugak

  1. Thank you for highlighting THE CURSE OF THE SHAMAN. I wish all books were this fun and easy to write. It is mostly the way I remember life before we were hauled off to school. The next one is coming along.

    You know, I actually started writing seriously in school in Saskatoon. I went to high school at Nutana Collegiate. (I also went to U of S but I was not a distinguished student.) My classmates and my English teacher liked it when I wrote about home. Ever since then, I have been hooked on books, reading them and writing them. I have also had great friends like Peter Gzowski, who spent so much of his time promoting literacy.

    And, one of my passions is Inuktitut literacy. I am working on the theory that, aside from lacking the pronouns he and she, Inuktitut grammar is exactly the same as English grammar. Imagine a language that is totally politically correct. The structure of Inuktitut is the complete reverse of English but basically the same rules of grammar apply.

    I ramble. Thank you again. There is reunion at Nutana in 2009 I believe. I am planning to attend.


    Michael Kusugak

  2. The world is so small and these technologies make the distances easily traveled. I am honoured by your visit. My father went to Nutana and was a vice principal there some years later. Perhaps you will see each other at the reunion – he is Jacob (Jake) Ens.

    I looked forward to your next book.



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