Caramba – Marie Louise Gay

Caramba is a cat who can’t fly.  You may say, cats don’t fly but in this story cats indeed fly and Caramba can’t.  Marie Louise Gay tells the story of being different and the challenges which difference brings with humour and lovely illustrations.  Caramba finds his way in an unexpected turn of events.

Thematic links difference, failure, friendship, the unexpected.


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One response to “Caramba – Marie Louise Gay

  1. Debbie Pushor

    Like Lauren Child, I love the work of Marie Louise Gay. She tells and illustrates her stories with a real sense of authenticity and resonance for me. In the Stella and Sam books, I am brought back to the kinds of questions my children asked when they were little and the ways in which they tried to make sense of their world. They evoke for me memories and stories of my own, which I think good narrative should always do.

    Marie Louise Gay has a gift in woring with challenging topics such as difference, death, fears, and friendships in rich, creative, humorous, and endearing ways. For me, her books are a definite staple in a primary classroom.

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