Picture This – Molly Bang

“Picture This” walks the reader through the feeling which can be conveyed through picture design.  This unique book deconstructs the dynamics involved in illustration and invites the reader to play along.  This book is an incredible resource for the artist, teacher, reader, student.  The activities and advice which infuse the book could give rise to interesting discussion and projects.

Molly Bang. 



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3 responses to “Picture This – Molly Bang

  1. Debbie Pushor

    Susan, are you familiar with the work of Lauren Child? Your entry on Molly Bang’s book has brought her to mind for me. Child’s work is so rich and imaginative as her background and education is in interior design. She uses the page in interesting ways – with texture, collage, print type and arrangement, and so on. She asks the reader to engage with the print – both textually and visually – in unique ways. With her character of Lola, she plays with words in interesting ways. e.g. “I am too absolutely small to go to school,” “extra specially special books.” I find her work delightful and engaging.

  2. I’ll have to look into Lauren Child’s work. I am not familiar with it. Illustrators are an underrated bunch.

  3. Debbie Pushor

    In regard to this exploration, Susan, Lauren Child wouldn’t have come up because she is not Canadian. She is, though, someone to explore as you move outside of the Canadian context.

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