Two So Small – Hazel Hutchins

Two So Small tells the story of a boy on the way to visit his grandmother.  The boy finds some strange objects and collects them in his goat-drawn cart.  He gets progressively more lost and finally meets a giant baby.  The story makes you think of Little Red Riding Hood and you have an expectation of some danger along the way but all is well in the end.  Hazel Hutchins tells an enjoyable fairy tale and Ruth Ohi captures the whimsy with her ink and water colour illustrations.  Ohi’s illustrations help the reader feel a part of the story and she plays with the scale of the boy and giant baby’s worlds.

Thematically links to fairy tales, strangers, helping each other, the power of the individual, story telling.

Sidewalk Rescue by Hazel Hutchins and Ruth Ohi is another fun story for a wide range of readers.


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