Excellent small steps

Good news on the homefront.  Through the combined efforts of our administration and teacher librarians, there is now a link on every schools home page to an e-library page.  Not only that the teacher librarians are going to be a part of developing a new look for the e-library page.  Very cool.  I am so proud of our teacher librarian team.  I know there has been some behind the scenes work before this change was announced.  I can’t wait to see the new look of the page.  I remember reading some work by Doug Johnson on successful school webpages.  Might be helpful for the people doing the work. It is hard to sit on the outside and just watch when you want to be in there and getting your hands dirty.  C’est la vie.  For now I’m with the farmers, maybe next year. I wonder if I’ll be able to work on my school’s site.  Hmm, I can tell my brain is ready to work on next year.


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  1. Congratulations, Susan!


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