Summer Fun

For those of you who receive my feed, this is a heads up.  I am on holiday.  No classes to teach, no classes to take, no readings to read, no blogs to read or write.  Holidays!

So I am thinking of deep sixing my Netvibes start page or rather shelving it to the oblivion of my Bookmarks until I return to work.  I believe in non-contact time.  It is rejuvenating.  I am going to spend time with my family, read novels for fun, junk food reading, re-reading of old favourites and some time with a good spy thriller.  I am going to edit the family movies, clean the house room by room and if I feel like it try out a pile of web apps that I haven’t had time to explore.  But I am unlikely to blog much of it.  I am ready to take a bit of a sabbatical.

In fall, I am in a grade four or so classroom.  I hope to start them out blogging and get them some buddies from within my own city and then perhaps further afield.  I’ll get back to Remote Access, Borderlands , Blue Skunk and Educational Discourse but in the meantime…

Best wishes all see you in the fall!



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4 responses to “Summer Fun

  1. Sounds very healthy to me! Have a great summer.


  2. Staying out of touch is rejuvenating, I agree.

    When you get your fourth-graders wired for blogging, maybe we can link our classes. I’ll be working with sixth-graders (some of whom I taught two years ago).

    happy summer,

    -the other Doug

  3. Alaskan blogging buddies would be very cool indeed. (pun intended) We’ll keep in touch. 🙂

  4. Enjoy the time away. Just finished 7 days – no technology and didn’t miss it. Was great down time. Let me know when you’re back. Maybe we can do some twinning with our “rural” class 🙂

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