8 Random Things

I find the whole meme concept quite interesting and I like to participate for it makes me feel part of things but I’m with Clarence at Remote Access, in that they resemble  a virus or at least a chain letter, which I would never dream of passing along so I’m not sure which I feel I should do,  pass on the good inclusion feeling, thanks Kelly, or stop things here.

1)  I’m recovering from blisters under my toenails, very painful.

2) I’m terrified about the coming school year because I spent this year at university and always feel like I am about to fail miserably when the new year starts.  P.S. Don’t tell anyone! 🙂

3) I’m reading for fun and my list of reading for improvement is getting longer.   Good to remember when encouraging children to read.

4) I am trying to find the balance between giving my kids too much and depriving them of the fun that things can bring.

5)  I love to paint and design pretty things but get little chance to do it.  I’m looking forward to teaching fine arts again this year so that I can make the sample projects for my class.

6) I have just discovered the joys and difficulties of Facebook.  Interesting form of communication.  I’m not sure I can see how to use it yet in a classroom and I have already experienced what slander looks like and I don’t like it.

7)  I haven’t missed blogging and reading my feeds over the summer holiday and I wonder about how I will fit this way of working into my school life and how supportive or not my work environment will be.  I think we have 12 computers in a lab 7 in the library and one in the classroom.  What in the world will blogging look like there?

8)  I am still on holiday and I dropped back in to play the game.  These are definitely random.

No tags, I’ll second Kelly‘s list and side with Clarence in not passing it on.


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