New Starts

We’re back at school and it has been quite the ride.  It is something else to come off of leave into the ‘real world’.  I have a marvelous staff and I’m not saying that simply because this is public.  My principal is dealing with an unfinished renovation which shut down the main office, her office and the staff room and incomplete staffing.  In spite of it all, we had a great first day.  The kids came in all bright eyed and bushy tailed and the teachers all rested and confident.  We had a lovely day, inside and out.

This evening, I sat down to start a blog for my classroom.  I’ve told them about it in principle but they won’t be actively participating until all the kinks in the start up are worked out.   I’m hoping to start with teacher lead posts, then individual student scribe posts and by after December, I’m hoping to have them ready for their own sites.  I know it’s a slow start and I have a few blogging contacts who have been talking about being our pals but I need to get my feet under me first.  New school, new grade, new students, a whole new process.

What was I thinking?  It’s going to be great. 🙂


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