A Terrific Opportunity!

I remember Doug telling me that one should praise locally and complain globally as a professional who blogs.  So welcome to a praise page!

If good PD looks like this.  Then…

My school division has embarked on a good path.  Today we got the first of 2.5 days of professional development which we will be receiving before Christmas.  They got together a group of teachers in grades 4-6 for a day about our divisions literacy objectives.  They set the big picture questions and gave us all kinds of background and then…They let us talk!  They had us share strategies and did model lessons, then they let us TALK.  It was affirming and stretching and terrific.

I feel like trying new things, I feel like sharing with my colleagues, I feel like I might already be doing a good job.  Not only that I feel like going to my next day of professional development.

This is not your bad pd Scott!  This is the real deal.  Whoopee!

P.S.  The session was prepared and presented by our very own local people based on good research and local data.  You know what – I’m relieved as well as excited because the session exceeded my admittedly  somewhat jaded outlook.


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One response to “A Terrific Opportunity!

  1. Woohoo! Some good PD! Awesome!

    Now sustain and build upon it throughout the year and beyond!

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