James gets all the fun!

My husband is a teacher and quite a fine one at that. He is energetic and funny and fair. He is well-liked by his students. Today he found out that there is a Facebook site discussing exclusively him. A student ‘leaked’ its existence to him today and we went over for a look. Crazy! There are 37 members, past and present students and a picture of him from the yearbook. We were debating whether he joins the group or simply keeps an eye on it. It got me thinking about the teacher , that Donna mentioned.

The students talked about sharing information from tests and getting help from each other. One chided another for correcting spelling in a wall posting. So the question remains, start a group for homework? I think it would be brilliant. The other question is, how many sites are there for discussion on teachers? It took a little digging to find this one. (James and Funk usually call up James Brown tribute sites.) Not all of the teacher discussion sites will be positive. Who polices? Do you police for yourself? How do you find out what is out there about you?  Is it slander when it is negative?  Worth keeping an eye on.


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