Reflections on connections

I have been thrilled with my connections within the blogosphere this year but particularly this week.  It seems that whenever I have a thought or question, someone is there with me, not necessarily with answers but with shared experience, suggestions and personal insights.  It is certainly the connections which bring me back to my feedreader and propel me to write.  I know I am not a ‘writer’…

Interesting thought…what would it take for me to feel as if I was a writer?  That’s a new connection for me to the ‘I’m not a reader’ debate.  I write all the time, here, for work, for my own studies.  I don’t write poetry or elegant prose.  Here I am advocating for a broader definition of literacy and I’m using a very narrow definition of writer.  Well, I’m no Vincent Lam, by the way he’s a must read author, but perhaps I ought to think of myself as a writer.

In any case, to those of you who read this non-writer’s writing, thank you!  And thank you for lending your voice in comments and on your own blogs.  You make my professional life richer.


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