100 Miles

Since I finished my Master’s work, I have had the chance to read for fun!  What a novelty!  I love a good read and it seems that I’m not that discerning as to quality.  I like a page turner such as One for the Money and a Giller winner such as Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures.  This weekend I had the opportunity to read The 100 Mile Diet.  I am challenged.  Can someone do this in Saskatchewan?  Clearly the First Nations people lived off the land here and survived, so it is possible.  Besides I would have flour which was more than a little challenge for the 100 Mile Diet authors.  I’m looking in my pantry and I know my goods have traveled a fair distance to arrive and many of them are untraceable.  In 100 Mile Diet the couple eats for an entire year from products produced within a 100 Mile radius of their home.  (Ok, they live in the Fraser Valley, makes it a little easier perhaps but still our current food system is skewed against it.)

This isn’t a new idea to me.  My husband and I buy almost all are meat from a local producer and we have a small garden.  We have done a little canning – beet pickles and strawberry jam.  How far down this road are we willing to go?  I think so far I would be look at transforming breakfast.  It would be no real loss to not eat pre-fab cereal for breakfast and I’m fairly certain that finding locally traceable grains in Saskatchewan will not be an impossible task.  Could we eat entirely locally produced food?  What would it cost?  Do we have the time to do the canning, freezing, preparing of foods in summer for the following approximately 7 months?  Would we find company on the road?


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