Techno Wake Up Call

I came on to my start up page today and found it was not responding.  I was surprised how disoriented I felt.  What no feeds to read? I debated whether to leave it and come back later or if I was going to need to do something about it.  I started to rack my brain…”Which feeds do I have?”  “Which do I really want to read?”  and of course, “Do I really need to do this?”

I decided that I needed a back up plan.  I have only one place where I store my feeds and should it be down for good, I would need to start over.  I’m not really keen on the start over so I thought I’d use a second start up page as a back up.

I’m trying out iGoogle.  It’s a wonder Apple hasn’t sued them for that, or have they?  In any case.  There are things I quite like about it.  For instance, my Gmail account works seamlessly.  I have  a Gmail widget on my other start up page but this one has me all logged in and flips easily from one to the other.  I miss a calendar which has Canadian holidays and I miss my Flickr feed which shows all kinds of pictures tagged “Colorful”.

All in all, my original start up page came back online and I now have a back up should it fail.  It was a painless experience and I’m glad to have some familiarity with iGoogle.  I can see the “Google Suite” being fairly handy.  I just wonder how many eggs I want in that particular basket.  I have a healthy skepticism of large business empires. Even ones with a”Do no evil” motto.



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2 responses to “Techno Wake Up Call

  1. RH

    Have no fear when it comes to Google… I am currently enrolled in an online class and the Google account I created for this is absolutely wonderful! And that’s a good question about the “iGoogle” and Apple… can you imagine two of the biggest companies taking each other on??? That would definitely be too much money being thrown around…

  2. I suspect they are wary of picking fights.

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