Meme: High School Daze to Praise

Shaman by Doc Kozzak

The Curse of the Shaman – Michael Kusugak

The Curse of the Shaman is the story of Wolverine and his family. They are Inuit people in the days before European contact. I found the story compelling. In some ways the structure reminds you of the fiary tale of Sleeping Beauty. Beauty is cursed as a babe as is Wolverine. The story is one an adventure, and a survival tale. The characters are funny and realistic. It is your connection to them which makes you want to see where things end up. The setting and actions ring with authenticity. You simply can tell Michael Kusugak lived these experiences. There is a respect for the culture and peoples represented. The story mixes legend, history and romance. With the mix of adventure and romance, you have a little something for everyone. It is a wonderful peek at a culture and society. Learn more about Michael Kusugak through his website.

I can’t say I’ve used this with a class so I’m not sure how it would sell to the audience intended by this meme. It is a fine piece of writing certainly worth a try.

So there you go Paul. Thanks for the invitation.

Paul began this meme.  The rules are:  write a review of a terrific book, use an image to illustrate and tag four other bloggers to participate.

I tag Kelly, Carolyn, Doug, and TMAO and give them leave to participate or not as their time and inclination allow.

P.S.  The shaman is of the wrong culture but it was the best I could do under my personal time constraints.  I really should have an Inuit shaman.



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2 responses to “Meme: High School Daze to Praise

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  2. Hi Susan,
    Interesting choice of book and the link to the aboriginal artist site is most interesting. I featured your selection at Quoteflections today.
    Thanks for participating. Your readers are also most welcome to post and I will profile.

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