Canadian Copyright Law

The Canadian Government has tabled a law which addresses the new environment for information sharing.  It is unfortunately not a very good one according to many accounts, M. Geist, Digital Copyright Canada, James Bow.

So although I am simply a citizen.  I have written my MP and the PM and Mr. Prentice to state my views.

Dear Mr. Harper,
I feel it is necessary to let you know how I feel about the new Copyright Law.  I fear your government has not hit the right balance between  the freedom of the individual and the rights of the producer.  I am particularly concerned about the restriction which this law imposes on the ability of educators to help students learn to use and work with multimedia.  In the school setting, it is important to be able to have students quote from materials which are meaningful to them.  In a sense, copying from a small piece of a video or music cd which is already owned by the student, is allowing them to quote from that source.  I would expect my students to give references and to make sure the works of authors, musicians, actors etc are appropriately given credit but also that they should be able to make these quotes without breaking the law.  I have worked hard in the past years to use materials following the guidelines of Access Copyright, to make use of copyleft and Creative Commons materials and to teach students about their responsibilities to give credit, to pay for and to adhere to the law of the land.  This law will make that job much more difficult and the work we wish to do to prepare students to be prosumers (producer/consumers) in the online world is inhibited.  I must admit my understanding of the details of this new law are limited but according to Prof. M. Geist and other respected persons within the online community, I must make my opinion known.  Canada needs a new Copyright Law but our new law needs to reflect the need for the common good of Canadians and Canadian artists and producers of media.  Please make known the wishes of Canadians to the Cabinet and ask for revisions in the new law.  We need a Canadian Copyright not a Multicorp Copyright.
Thank you.
Susan Funk

I encourage you to do likewise.  I am ever hopeful that the Canadian governing system works and each voice counts.  I often don’t get my way but I still let them know what I’m thinking.  It gives me complaining rights at the very least.



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2 responses to “Canadian Copyright Law

  1. Hi Susan,
    Best wishes on a new school year. I hope to see posts from you occasionally. You are an insightful writer and I enjoyed your blog last year.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I had taken the summer off for the most part and I have a few ideas fermenting. I have wondered if I am worth reading or if the ramblings are better off in a notebook moldering away. Still if it were to be in a notebook, I probably would never write at all.

    I enjoy your posts and read regularly. I’m not much of a commenter, I’ll try to drop in a little.

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