Looking at the TL Goals

At my last meeting for Teacher librarians, we began the process of looking at some rubrics to set goals and plan for our professional development.  There were six rubrics to look at and as I was looking I saw some information repeating so I decided to see if I could sort the information and link things to make it easier for me to assess where to go.  I used bubbl.us to make a mind map of the information in the rubrics.  This is a rough sketch of the piles of information contained in the rubrics.

First I think there are two broad categories under which the items fall – instructional leadership and collection development.  Within each category there are some sub-categories for teacher librarian development.  I think a rubric could be developed for each of the two broad categories containing each of the sub-categories.  I will try that next.  I’ll post my work, feel free to drop a comment to share your thoughts.TL Instructional Goals

TL Collection Goals


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