Teacher librarian Rubric Work

Well I have been playing with the ideas in the rubrics for teacher librarians provided to me by our teacher librarian committee and while I have been successful in deepening my own understanding, I don’t know if the rubric I have come up with is an improvement or not.  Simply put, there are too many goals for a single rubric or even two.  Which I suppose is why the site has six.  But I really don’t want to be working on six pages of goals.

The committee from my district had suggested limiting our collective goals to the Resource-Based Learning catagory with a few information literacy goals appended to it.  I’m not sure that will meet my needs.  My goals and needs are related to the collection development side of things.  I’m new to my building and to my role and my training from the last few years has developed my technology understanding and comfort, as well as my curriculum and inquiry understanding and skill.  I’m getting my bearings but there is much to be done for me to get a decent comfort level with the base skill set which my colleagues have.  I am a novice when it comes to collection side and more of a practioner in the inquiry and technology side.  Which basically means, as in most group settings, individualization will be the key to growth.  I suspect they know that.

I am happy with the mind maps from the other day and I have developed a Instructional Leadership Rubric which correlates to the first map.  It breaks down into four sub-areas; Technology, Curriculum, Reading and Collaboration.  The second half will follow, perhaps, if anyone thinks it will be useful.  It would show the Collection Development map ideas as a rubric.  I won’t bother if none of my local group wants it.



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2 responses to “Teacher librarian Rubric Work

  1. Hi Susan
    I like what you’re doing with this; I’ll have a closer look at it soon. Good on you for tackling this.
    By the way, what is a meme? I’ve missed that!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Jane. A meme is an idea which propagates over the internet spreading like a virus. People pass them along by shoulder tapping their friends. So you’re it! You copy the instructions into your blog and tell people what your reading usually citing the source in a link so people can follow the meme from site to site.

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