Submarine Outlaw

Author:  Philip Roy   Copyright Date:  2008
Submarine Vesikko

Submarine Outlaw
takes you on the wild ride of a young boy on the Rock (Newfoundland) dreaming of a life beyond fishing.  What he really wants  to do is explore and along with an eccentric junk yard mechanic he dreams of exploring in a submarine.  Philip Roy’s Submarine Outlaw has lovable and believable characters, bringing alive a well-written, evenly paced story.  You will be required to suspend your disbelief and join them on this fantastic journey.
Rating: #1(Highly Recommended) ✓    #2        #3         #4 (not acceptable)

Interest Level:  Grade 4-6        Reading Level:  Grade 5 +

Curriculum Area: Language Arts, Social Studies

Theme(s) Topic(s):  adventure, solving problems, life on the coast
This book would be suitable for:    ✓ Lit Circles  ✓  Kit Materials ✓Read-Aloud (Gr.) 4,5

Diamond Willow 2009

CM Review
First  chapter makes good read aloud although other chapters might work as well, whole book would be worth it if it fit your curricular interests.



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2 responses to “Submarine Outlaw

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  2. bill

    best book ever!!!

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