Ben’s Bunny Trouble

Author:  Daniel Wakeman and Dirk van Stralen Copyright Date: 2007
Bunny Astronaut
Ben’s Bunny Trouble is an enjoyable story which invites dialogue between the reader and the illustrations.  This wordless book has well-drawn and engaging illustrations in a cartoon/graphic format.  Ben’s Bunny Trouble is appealing for personal book enjoyment.  It demands an engaged and active reader to tell the story as depicted in the frames.

Teaching ideas would include, using the story as a writing prompt, reading together to discuss story format and structure, as an introduction for teaching the elements of a story.  In addition, the art work can provide teaching opportunities for looking at perspective, light use, page design for picture books and the interplay of illustrations and text.

CM Review

Quill and Quire

Rating: #1(Highly Recommended) ✓    #2        #3         #4 (not acceptable)

Interest Level:  Grade: graphic/picture book        Reading Level:  Grade wordless

Curriculum Area: Language Arts, Science, Fine Arts

Theme(s) Topic(s): other worlds, the future,habitats

This book would be suitable for:    ✓ Lit Circles  ✓  Kit   ✓ Materials Read-Aloud (Gr.)5,6

Shining Willow nominee 2009


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