There’s a Cow under my Bed

Author: Valerie Sherrard Copyright Date:  2008
Illustrator:  David Jardine
Valerie Sherrard has an interesting idea for a book here.  She used a child’s view on idiomatic expressions to drive her comic poetic picture book.  David Jarine’s illustrations are dark and odd. They feel a bit unfinished.  The books strikes me as needing some editing both in written and illustrated aspects.  I will be interested in seeing the reaction of children to this book, sometimes they like things which don’t appeal to me.
This book does have potential for teaching writing-reading connection, lessons on where do ideas come from, expanding on an idea and using figures of speech.

CM Review
Rating: #1(Highly Recommended)     #2  ✓      #3     #4 (not acceptable)

Interest Level:  Grade:  Picture book  2-4    Reading Level:  Grade  2-4

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Theme(s) Topic(s): idioms, rhyming
Shining Willow nominee 2009


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