House of Many Ways

Author:  Diana Wynne Jones Copyright Date:  2008
Cotswold Cottage, Greenfield Village
“A chaotically magical sequel to How’s Moving Castle” quoth the cover of this book.  It is exactly as it says magical and chaotic.  It vaguely reminds me of Piers Anthony in its apparent randomness.  Things come together in the end for the great climax of the novel but it is hard to follow at times or maybe I’m just tired.  This book demands a skilled reader with a love for fantasy. A bit complicated for a K-8 library a better pick for 7-12.

Rating  #1 (Highly Recommended)   #2    ✓  #3    #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level:  7-12  Reading Level:  8+

Curriculum Area:  Language Arts

Themes/Topics: Magic, Fantasy, Wizardry

This book would be suitable for    Lit Circles    Kit Materials    ✓ Read-Aloud (Gr.)  6

Publisher Website

Reviews – Zubon, Becky’s Book Reviews


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