The Night Wanderer

Author:   Drew Hayden Taylor Copyright Date: 2007
Rohan's Owl
A vampire novel set on an Ontario reserve was not something I was expecting.  I’m not a huge fan of vampires but this story has more going for it than teeth and blood.  Tiffany is struggling with making her way through high school, figuring out how to deal with her parents and their divorce, balancing friends and boyfriend and trying to see if a native girl can date a white boy in her backwoods town.  Taylor’s characters are rich and nuanced.  His setting is real and authentic.  The tensions of the novel are compelling.  This is a great read and it challenges cultural assumptions about Canadian First Nations people.  Add this book to your K-12 library collection.  A Must!

A possible read aloud for introducing the book would begin on page 8 at “Normally, Tiffany wouldn’t be in the library…”  and finish at the top of page 12.  This passage would introduce two of the main characters and some of the racial tensions of the novel.

CM Review

Quill and Quire

Rating: #1(Highly Recommended) ✓    #2        #3         #4 (not acceptable)

Interest Level:  Grade 7-9        Reading Level:  Grade 7+

Curriculum Area: Language Arts, Social Studies

Theme(s) Topic(s):  mystery, adventure, race relations, life on reserve, vampires

This book would be suitable for:    ✓ Lit Circles  ✓  Kit Materials ✓Read-Aloud (Gr.)

Snow Willow nominee 2009


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