Author:   Katherine Holubitsky Copyright Date: 2008
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Gordie Jessup is just trying to survive as his family falls apart in the face of his brother’s addiction to crystal meth.  A compelling story which never lets you go. Told in a diary style with the intension of highlighting the troubles and pitfalls of drugs, Holubitsky never gets preachy.  A great addition to a 6-12 library.

The first chapter would make a good introductory read aloud and would offer opportunities for looking at predicting,  connecting and use of flashback.
CM Review

Rating: #1(Highly Recommended) ✓    #2        #3         #4 (not acceptable)

Interest Level:  Grade 7-9        Reading Level:  Grade 7+

Curriculum Area: Language Arts, Social Studies, Health

Theme(s) Topic(s):  Drug addiction, survival, family relationships

This book would be suitable for:    ✓ Lit Circles  ✓  Kit Materials ✓Read-Aloud (Gr.)

Snow Willow nominee 2009


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One response to “Tweaked

  1. Vicky101

    I thought this book was amazing. It was one of the best books I have ever read before. I finished this book in not even 2 days thats how good it was. I sat in all my classes during school reading it because it was so interesting. I read it from cover to cover and when I got to the end I got kinda upset because the ending wasn’t all that great. It kinda got me a little mad. I want to know what comes next. Can someone please make a second book to this and keep it going letting Ryan be the star meth user?…please I want to know what happens after he asks Grodie for $20.

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