In the Rabbitgarden – Leo Lionni

In the Rabbitgarden tells the story of two rabbits playing in the garden.  The older rabbit leaves for awhile and warns them to stay away from the apple tree.  During the wait for the return of the older rabbit the younger rabbits run out of carrots to eat and are tempted to eat the apples.  A serpant picks the apples for them and trouble ensues.  An interesting twist to the tale, eating the apples does not give them the trouble you as a reader may expect.
Wild Rabbit
Rating  ✓ #1 (Highly Recommended)   #2      #3    #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level:  1-3  Reading Level:  1, 2

Curriculum Area:  Language Arts

Themes/Topics: trying new things, gardens, springtime

This book would be suitable for   ✓ Lit Circles   ✓ Kit Materials

✓ Read-Aloud (Gr.)  1-3


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