Inch by Inch – Leo Lionni

An inch worm is about to be eaten by a robin. He convinces the bird that he is useful because he can measure things. The robin has his tail measured and then takes the inch worm to his other bird friends. He measures and measures and measures. Finally, he is asked to measure the length of the nightingale’s song. He agrees and measures the song into a hiding place, safe and sound.
Tiny Inch worm on echinacea
Rating ✓ #1 (Highly Recommended) #2 #3 #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level: 1-3 Reading Level: 1, 2

Curriculum Area: Language Arts, Mathematics

Themes/Topics: worms, measurement, birds

This book would be suitable for ✓ Lit Circles ✓ Kit Materials

✓ Read-Aloud (Gr.) 1-3

Inch by Inch lesson plans across curriculum

Random House


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