Leo Lionni – Planning a unit

I’m working on a unit plan for a Leo Lionni unit for this fall with a grade one/two classroom. I thought I’d blog the books to keep track of them and the possibilities for curriculum connections and themes. I thought I’d also link them to other resources I find as I go. If this works well I expect I’ll use my blog more and more often for holding my unit ideas and related links.
ssttt! little baby-mouse, sleeping on my hand
Leo Lionni videos – Fredrick and Swimmy

Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Leo Lionni – Planning a unit

  1. Nicely done. I loved the pictures you chose for the books- where did you find them?

    • Susan Ens Funk

      Hi Jane, I find my images in Flickr and use only creativecommons liscenced works. I find the site is just full of beautiful shots and as long as I don’t have too specific a subject I can find something suitable.

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