Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse – Leo Lionni

Alexander the mouse is tired of being chased out of the house.  Willy the wind-up mouse is loved and cuddled by the child of the house.  The two meet and share stories of their lives.  Willy tells Alexander of a mysterious lizard in the garden who can change one animal into another.  The lizard asks for payment of one purple pebble.  Alexander looks and looks but is unable to find one.  One day, just as Willy is set into a box to be thrown away, Alexander finds the purple pebble.  The lizard turns Willy into a real live mouse and the two friends live happily together.
Moonlight SpecialRating ✓ #1 (Highly Recommended) #2 #3 #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level: 1-3 Reading Level: 2

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Themes/Topics: friendship, magic, becoming

This book would be suitable for ✓ Lit Circles ✓ Kit Materials

✓ Read-Aloud (Gr.) 1-3



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2 responses to “Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse – Leo Lionni

  1. What a wonderful way to record your own professional learning so that others may be enriched by your perspectives.

    • Susan Ens Funk

      I’m hoping it will be useful for someone as well as being useful to me. I was procastinating and ran out of time. Thus the flurry of posts.

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