Theodore and the Talking Mushroom – Leo Lionni

Theodore the mouse lives with his friends near an old stump.  Each of the friends brags about his own skills.  The friends laugh at Theodore when he says his skill is to run.  One day when Theodore is frightened he runs away.  He finds a blue mushroom.  The mushroom says, “Quirp”.  He quickly shows it to his friends.  They wonder what the mushroom means.  Theodore explains “Quirp” means mice should be venerated above all other animals.  His friends and the other woodland creatures believe him and bring him gifts and tributes.  Until one day when the animals discover a valley of blue talking mushrooms.  His friends turn to him for an explanation but words fail him and they become angry with him and run him out of the forest.
Blue mushroom 3 (Entoloma hochstetteri)

Rating ✓ #1 (Highly Recommended) #2 #3 #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level: 1-3 Reading Level: 2

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Themes/Topics: pride, friendship, truth telling

This book would be suitable for ✓ Lit Circles ✓ Kit Materials

✓ Read-Aloud (Gr.) 1-3


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