Book of a Thousand Days – Shannon Hale

Dashti is a determined young woman.  In becoming the maid of a distracted and frightened princess, she unwittingly becomes a prisoner with her in a darkened tower.  Dashti remains positive and industrious during her confinement.  Her mistress is unpredictable and unhealthy but Dashti remains devoted and trust-worthy.  In addition to the confinement and darkenss of the tower, there are plenty of other difficulties and joys.  Dashti’s service takes her from the tower to the kitchen of a great king and then on as a scribe and healer.  Hale throws in enough excitement, romance and tension to keep you guessing.   This book will appeal to your young adult readers of fantasy and fairy tale.
Even if You Have Strawberries
Rating ✓ #1 (Highly Recommended) #2 #3 #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level: grades 6+  Reading Level:  6+

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Themes/Topics: self discovery, dreams, becoming, identity, fantasy, fairy tale

This book would be suitable for ✓ Lit Circles ✓ Kit Materials


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