lock and key by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen was recommended to me by a teen friend of mine and indeed she does not disappoint. lock and key is another entry in the class of teen angst and coming of age literature.  A realistic fiction novel about a girl, Ruby, as she moves from living with her alcoholic mother to living her long-estranged sister.  A rags to riches plot line, attractive and interesting character set in wealthy suburban USA, lock and key will delight many of your young female clientele.  Some YA content – language, casual sex, use of drugs and alcohol, physical and verbal abuse.   Not a must-have novel but definitely a decent read.  This is a novel worth adding to the 7-12 library for pleasure reading.
angry face

Rating #1 (Highly Recommended) #2 ✓  #3 #4 (Not acceptable)

Interest Level: grades 7+  Reading Level:  7+

Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Themes/Topics: family, relationships, abuse, recovery, advocacy, change, wealth

CommonSenseMedia review

LibraryThing reviews


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